• Haverford Online utilizes a variety of programs to meet the needs of our students.  The list below is a sampling of the courses that are offered.   Courses are offered at a variety of levels, including academic, honors, and AP. 
    Haverford Online High School Level Course Offerings

    MathEnglishScienceSocial Studies World Languages
    Math Foundations I English Foundations I Science Foundations Geography & World Cultures  French I
    Financial Literacy*
    Math Foundation II English Foundations II Earth Science   World History since the Renaissance   French II
     Music Appreciation
     Introductory Algebra English 9
     Physical Science
     U.S. History since the Civil War Spanish I
     Mathematics of Personal Finance
    Algebra I
    English 10
      U.S. & Global Economics* Spanish II
     Probability & Statistics*
     Algebra II English 11
    U.S. Government
     Spanish III
     Creative Writing*
     GeometryEnglish 12
    PhysicsAP U.S. Government & Politics*
     AP Spanish Language
     Media Literacy*
     Pre-Calculus  AP English Language & Composition  

     AP U.S. History Reading Skills & Strategies *
    Integrated Math I
     AP English Literature & Composition
    AP Chemistry
     AP Macroeconomics* Writing Skills & Strategies*
    Integrated Math II
      AP Microeconomics*
    AP Calculus AB      AP Psychology*
    AP Statistics
      Multicultural Studies *

      College & Career Preparation I*
      College & Career Preparation II*
          Art Appreciation*
    *half credit course