• Enrollment Process

    New Students
    Students who are new to the School District of Haverford Township should contact Nicole Battestelli at 610-853-5900 ext. 7233 to make an appointment to enroll in Haverford Online.
    Existing Students
    Students who wish to enroll in Haverford Online must make an appointment with their guidance counselor. At that appointment the student will complete a self-assessment regarding learning style. The counselor will also complete a questionnaire about the student. Together they will review the course catalog and make a request for the classes in which the student would like to enroll. This request will be sent to the Haverford Online office.  A recommendation will be made for the appropriate online program to be utilized based on the student’s self-assessment, counselor questionnaire, and course requests. The student will be enrolled in the online program and given training. The student can then start working on his/her online courses!