• Department of Business Services

    Richard Henderson, Business Manager
    Mr. Henderson is the Business Manager in the School District of Haverford Township.  Mr. Henderson joined Haverford with experience in both the public and private sectors.  A native of Pensacola, Florida, he began his accounting career with Scott Paper Company. As a father of four children, Mr. Henderson understands the importance of a good education and accepted the position of Accounting Director for the Philadelphia School District in 2004. He later went on to be the Business Manager in the Southeast Delco School District before joining the School District of Haverford Township. Mr. Henderson received his MBA from St. Joseph's University. 
    Mr. Henderson appreciates working with an excellent staff and an administration committed to their students' education.  He approaches this position with the experience and dedication necessary to navigate difficult financial times. 

    g George Ramplin, Director of Transportation
    Mr. Ramplin is the Director of Transportation and oversees a fleet of 69 buses, 81 bus drivers and bus aides. Haverford buses transport approximately 4700 students each school day to 130 schools/locations logging over 68,000 miles a month. Mr. Ramplin began working for the School District's Transportation Department in 1978. 

    Mr. Ramplin is a graduate of Haverford High School and attended Delaware County Community College. His wife, Karen is also a graduate of Haverford High School and their two children are also proud Haverford High School graduates. He is a former volunteer firefighter, Board member and is a life member of the Llanerch Fire Company.

    gerry  Gerry Gannon, Director of Food Services
    J.R. Guglielmi, Director of School Facilities 
    Lauren Weed, Accounting Supervisor