• History of The School District of Haverford Township 

    Taking a look back ...

    The first recorded purchase of land for educational purposes in Haverford Township was made on October 28, 1797. A stone structure erected on this site was a school until 1872. Today, known as the Federal School, the building still stands and serves as a window to history for Haverford Township children. Every fourth-grade student spends a day at the Federal School learning what it was like to be a student in 1797.

    After the Federal School, a series of classroom buildings accommodated Haverford's growing population of children. 

    In 1830, the Old School, now a private home, was constructed on the east side of Earlington Road between Mill and Strathmore roads. Classroom instruction continued there for 60 years. In 1846, the Haverford Seminary or the Edgewood School was built. Classes continued in this one-room school house until 1879 when the building was destroyed by fire.

    On South Darby Road at Manoa Road, the Redmont School was built and was used until 1899. Penn Hall, a two-story school built in 1872, was located on a point of land between the south corner of Coopertown and Darby roads. This is referred to as the original Coopertown School. It closed in 1912. The Preston School on Martin Avenue was erected in 1876 and was used for nearly 75 years. In 1879, the original Manoa School, a two-story structure, was built on the property of John Leedom on the south side of Eagle Road. It was the neighborhood school until 1897 when the present Manoa School was built on Manoa Road at Furlong Avenue.

    The Llanerch School was built in 1905 and still stands on Darby road. It served as the high school until 1910. 
    The Oakmont School was built on Eagle Road at Hathaway Lane in 1912 to serve as the new high school. It remained the high school until 1923. The Oakmont Building currently houses the Central Administrative Offices. The Chestnutwold School, at the corner of Loraine Street and Belmont Avenue, was constructed in 1908, and the Brookline School was erected in 1913 on Earlington Road at Sagamore Road. Both continued as elementary schools until 1985 when the district was reorganized and sixth graders moved to the new middle school. 

    The former Brookline Elementary School is now home to one of the district's before-and-after-school care programs as well as the township's Senior Citizens' Center located on the lower floor. The old Chestnutwold School, leased to the Delaware County Intermediate Unit for a county-wide program until 2004, was demolished in 2005 to make way for a new school. Neighborhood youngsters were welcomed into the brand-new Chestnutwold School in September, 2006. 

    With the dawn of a new decade and end of World War I, Haverford Township experienced a wave of expansion. In 1923, the new Haverford High School on Darby Road was completed. It was expanded to include a junior high school in the 1930s and now serves as the Haverford Middle School. 

    The end of World War II led to the growth of the suburbs and new school construction followed. In 1951, the Lynnewood Elementary School was built on Lawrence Road near Eagle Road to accommodate Haverford Township's new young families. In 1955, the Chatham Park School was built at Allston and Glen Arbor roads after the construction of a new development on the surrounding streets and lanes in that corner of the township. In 1958, The new Coopertown School was built in the Bryn Mawr section of the township.

    In the midst of this population explosion, school directors realized a new high school was in order. In 1956, the new Haverford Senior High School was constructed on Mill Road creating a complex of fields and buildings with the then Haverford Junior High School. 

    Renovations and additions to all schools have been an on-going process at each of the districts seven schools. In 1986 Haverford Middle School was created from the Junior High and the senior high became a ninth through 12th-grade high school. 

    As the last decade of the 20th Century began, Haverford's community members were asked to participate in designing the high school for the 21st century. The renovated and expanded Haverford High School, the product of several meetings and township-wide discussions, was completed in 1999. Along with additional classrooms, the school gained state-of-the-art science labs, a community area, a new library, and new cafeterias.