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    Lets Go Shopping!     
    No malls, no parking lots, no heavy packages to lug about... what could be easier! Completing all your shopping from the comfort of your couch!

    Everyone is doing it...
    WHOA! Not so fast...
    You are reluctant to give your credit card online because there are a million horror stories.

    You are right to be cautious, those horror stories are true. Eighty-Five percent of credit card fraud occurs online. Online shoppers do need to be as cautious but, you don't have to become a statistic if you shop safely on the Internet.
    You know better than to walk around a mall with your pocketbook wide open, a wallet poking out of a pocket, or leave your credit card on a counter. You can learn the same simple precautions to protect yourself from online pickpockets.
    Types of Internet Fraud, Where to Report it!
    From scam emails to online shopping experiences everyone using the internet has seen or heard of some form of online fraud. The FBI Website offers terrific advice on how to avoid internet fraud and report suspected fraud for investigation.
    Even after years of using online resources I found information on their site enlightening and very informative.
    Non-delivery of the merchandise you purchase is the No 1 form of fraud, according to the 2011 FBI report. This is followed by scams and identity theft. Take a few precautions to be sure you get what you want when shopping online.
    Make sure you are dealing with a reputable source
    Never follow links from unsolicited emails
    Examine the feedback on online sellers
    Find out how the site handles complaints
    if the site is not secure never give out your credit card number online
    Always check you credit card statements! Report fraud to your credit card company and the FBI immediately
    See the FBI website for more tips. See the2010 Internet Crime Report
    Spot the Phish
    No need to grab you rod and reel. This is internet Phishing. To gather your personal information in an attempt at identity theft, Internet frauds send fake emails and create replica webpages to gather personal information about you and your accounts. Learning to spot the differences is your first step in creating a carefree shopping experience.
    "PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments without revealing your financial information." This eliminate you from giving your credit card information out to every site you shop. Many sites accept PayPal. You click a link on the merchant's site that will log you into PayPal. PayPal will transfer the funds to the business for you, without giving out your bank or credit card information to the merchant. You register with PayPal once to provide bank and/or credit information.
    "Google Checkout is a faster, more secure way to buy from stores across the web using a single username and password. Use it once and stop creating new accounts every time you buy."
    When to Shop
    Because fragments of your browsing history are stored on the computer, you have to be wary of where you decide to online shop.You really only want to use your home computer or a computer where only you have primary access.
    You never want to put personal information into a computer when the network you are using is not secure. Sitting in Starbucks and entering credit card info over a wireless network is a computer hacker's dream! This is like throwing your credit card statements in the trash for anyone to find.
    Ahhh.... But who is safe?
    As I created this presentation I found that I, along with 24 millions other users, am a victim of hackers. USA today article.
    You can never be too careful. Creating user names, password and even using a separate email account just for use for signing up for any online transaction will make your shopping experience more secure.
    Now That You Are savvy... Sites I Like and Why I like Them
    There are thousands of reputable sites on the internet.  I am only naming a few here to use as a measure for you to use to determine good sites of your own. These sites have solid reputations. It is not to say there will never be fraud on the site, however, the businesses strive to protect your privacy, security and handle complaints. It doesn't hurt that many offer free shipping!
    A good site has an established reputation. There is a no hassle return policy. The site is easy to navigate.
    Most importantly, a good site, always has secure checkout.
          Surprised to see this still here? Despite the recent events, I think Zappos is as safe as most internet sites and I think recent events will put this site at the forefront of making security changes. Not to mention, Zappos offers free shipping BOTH Ways! Return label comes in the box for a no hassle return.
          Customer reviews. Sizing guidelines. Easy to navigate, offers reward points with other large stores.
          Does the comparison shopping for you. 
          Usually free shipping, product in good condition, reasonable prices.
    What About eBay?
    eBay is a long established business however you must be careful. Auction sites can be risky.
    eBay offers Buyer Protection but this doesn't cover fraudulent charges if you give your credit card or bank information to a seller
    Only buy from sellers with excellent ratings
    Research feedback before you bid
    Check payment options before you bid
    Don't get carried away in the bidding process
    Use PayPal as a payment option to avoid giving your credit card information to unverified sources

    Important Final Advice
     If there is one piece of advice I hope you always remember: Beware of emails about your accounts!
                A business will never ask you to email your user name, password or any banking information
                NEVER follow a link from an email. Type the address in your browser and go directly to the site.
                Report suspicious emails you receive to the company and the FBI website.
    Happy Shopping!
    Online shopping is no different then the simple precautions you take in the mall to protect yourself from pick pockets. You're now ready to shop safely from the comfort of your couch.