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    Rules and Expectations
    1. Respect! 
          - Respect Ms. Schmidt while she is talking. I ALWAYS give you plenty of time after my introduction and conclusion.
          - Respect yourself, your classmates, and the school.
    2. Be Prepared
          - See Physical Education Syllabus link for attire expectations (-athletic clothes. No uniforms required)
          - In other classes you may be prepared with pencils, books, etc.- In our class you are preparing for movement.
          - *When it gets cold, we are still going outside. BE PREPARED with sweatshirts, sweatpants, gloves, etc.
    3. Arrive on Time
          - After 3 lates to class/squads per quarter, you receive a personal detention. 
    5. What you put into this class is what you get out of it. Effort, Being on task, and having fun!