• Evaluation of Student Experience

    Haverford High School has a long history of successful sports programs.  We believe sports are an important part of the development of students into young men and women.  We pride ourselves in having excellent and well balanced programs.  Every year coaches are evaluated on many different items.  We have posted a copy of a blank coaches evaluation.


    We also believe that it is extremely important to gather regular feedback from parents and students about our programs.  If you ever have a concern about a coach please feel free to contact any high school administrator to report your concerns.  We are also presenting parents and students with an opportunity to provide feedback to a coach at the end of a sport season.  Students will be asked to complete the survey individually approximately 2 weeks prior to the end of a season.  Prior to a practice students will be taken to a computer lab and asked to complete the survey.  A copy of the survey can be found here.


    If you are the parent of an athlete you will be able to complete a the same survey during the following dates for each season:


                                    Fall                  November 

                                    Winter             February

                                    Spring             May


    Parents will be expected to enter their student ID number on the survey; however, this information will be kept confidential and will never be shared with the coaching staff. 


    We encourage all parents to provide feedback positive or negative so that we can have a balanced view of our athletic programs.

    Athletic survey - paper version to be viewed.
    Athletic survey - will only be posted according to the dates above.