The “Hall of Famers” will be honored at the 19th Induction Banquet at the Llanerch Country Club on Sunday, November 19, 2017, at 4:00 p.m.  They will also be welcomed and introduced at the traditional Haverford vs. Upper Darby Thanksgiving Day Homecoming Football Game on Thursday, November 23, 2017. This year’s game will be home at Haverford High School beginning at 10:45 a.m.

    The following have been selected as the 2017 Inductees to the Haverford High School Sports Hall of Fame:


    MICHAEL BRIGHT  – (1996)  Football & Basketball
    BRIAN R. ELLIXSON – (2007)   Football, Wrestling, Track
    SINEAD FARRELLY – (2006)  Soccer
    HELENA HERMANN (BRAGG) – (1992) Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse
    BRUCE W. HULSE – (1970) Cross Country, Basketball, Track
    PAUL LAMPARSKI – (1974) Football & Lacrosse  
    NANCY MORRISON (KEIPER) - (1954) Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis
    LAURIE TORTORELLI (DELUCA) – (1998) Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse
    KIM Verrecchio – (1987) Golf

    JAY WILLIAMS – Cross Country & Track Coach

    HHS 1927 - Delaware County Girls Basketball Championship Team, 1928 Delaware
    County Girls Basketball Championship Runner-Up Team and the 1929 Undefeated Delaware County Girls Championship Team (Champions of Eastern Pennsylvania) -  Coached by Ethel David

    1980 Central League Co-Championship Football Team  
    Head Coach - Hal Bauer - Assistant Coaches:  Jack O’Donnell, Richard Boyd, Jack Dougherty, and Paul Bernstorf - 10 Win Season - The most outstanding Haverford football team of the 1980’s. 

    Gerald Hogan – A longtime Haverford Assistant Superintendent and a great supporter of Haverford High School athletics and the HHS Sports Hall of Fame.  His guidance, support, and very generous donation were instrumental in bringing the Haverford High School Sports Hall of Fame to fruition.  

    The Haverford High School Sports Hall of Fame


    Induction Class of 1996 


    Richard Boyd ’68                              Football, Baseball

    Allison Cornog                                  Coach

    Robert Croff ’69                                Football, Baseball

    James Dykes ’14                              Baseball

    John Edelman ’53                             Basketball, Baseball

    Raymond Edelman ’70                     Basketball, Baseball

    Randy Grossman ’70                        Football, Wrestling

    Eleanor Harrison                               Coach

    Stephen Juenger                               Coach

    Steve Joachim ’70                             Football, Basketball, Lacrosse

    Ted Kayser                                         Coach

    Kerstin Manning ’89                          Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

    James Parker ’60                              Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track

    T.A. Ranieri ’31                                  Football, Basketball, Baseball

    Jean Shiley ’29                                   Field Hockey, Basketball, Track, Tennis

    George Sydnor ’54                            Football, Track

    Andrew Talley ’61                              Football          


    Induction Class of 1997


    Harry “Ace” Bell ’44                         Basketball, Baseball

    Dean Brior ’75                                  Football, Wrestling

    Lynne R. Crosley ’58                       Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

    John R. Muntz ’81                             Football, Volleyball, Baseball

    Kurt Roessler ’78                             Soccer, Baseball, Track

    William J. Smith ’40                         Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball

    Richard Taylor ’65                            Football, Basketball, Baseball

    1939 Football Team                         

    1958 Boys Basketball Team


    Induction Class of 1998


    Eldridge Aigeldinger ’37                  Football, Basketball, Baseball

    Ethel David                                        Coach, Athletic Director

    Rick DeVitis ’86                                Football, Baseball

    Barbara H. Longstreth ’54                Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

    Christine Sailer ’77                           Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

    Laura H. Shuman ’91                        Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

    Reginald Sydnor ’63                         Football, Track

    1982 PIAA State Champion Girls Field Hockey Team


    Induction Class of 1999


    Alfred Graves, Sr. ’43                       Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball

    Alfred Graves, Jr. ’76                        Football, Track

    Charles Gunther ’76                          Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

    Alfred Kaemerlen ’58                        Basketball, Baseball

    John Maglio ’53                                 Basketball

    Larry More ’69                                   Diving, Track

    Mary Sue Patterson ’77                    Field Hockey, Lacrosse

    Sam Venuto ’47                                 Football, Baseball

    Kyle Wharton ’81                               Football, Track


    Induction Class of 2000


    Patrick Curry ’79                               Wrestling

    John Delmonte ’76                             Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball

    Ray Edelman ’45                               Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

    Art Jones ’41                                      Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track
    Jim Jones                                           Coach

    John Linehan ’66                               Football, Basketball, Lacrosse

    Robert B. Robertshaw ’30                Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball

    Douglas Sheppard ’41                       Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball

    Cindy Timchal ’72                              Field Hockey, Basketball

    1970 Football Team


    Induction Class of 2001


    Larry Aigeldinger ’40                        Soccer, Football, Baseball

    Mark DeFelice ’94                            Soccer, Baseball

    Emily DeRiel ’92                               Swimming, Track

    James Hodge ’59                             Football, Track

    Americo Manno ’35                          Football, Basketball, Track  

    Harold Peabody ’52                         Football, Basketball, Baseball

    Ernie Prudente ’45                           Football, Basketball, Baseball

    Laird Robertson ’45                          Football, Wrestling

    1966-1971 State Champion Boys Volleyball Teams


    Induction Class of 2002


    Paul Arata ’80                                    Football, Track

    Mary Bodo ’69                                   Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

    Richard Heylmum ’50                        Football, Basketball, Track

    Jack Juenger ‘58

    Wilson Landis ’39                              Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball

    Bill Ash ’44                                         Basketball, Baseball

    Samuel Hagan, Jr. ’38                      Football, Basketball, Baseball

    Dr. Victor Menghetti ’40                    Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track

    Brian Mondschein ’72                       Football, Wrestling, Track

    1975 State Champion Girls Field Hockey Team


    Induction Class of 2003


    John Barlow ’68                                Football, Baseball, Lacrosse

    Nick “Butch” Farina ’39                    Football, Baseball

    Patti Gavin ’82                                  Swimming

    Nazz Mariani ’39                               Football

    Joanne O’Connor ’82                       Cross Country, Indoor Track, Track

    John B. Orr ’54                                  Wrestling, Cross Country

    Col. Joseph Powers ’40                   Football Track

    Aubrey C. Taylor, Jr. ’41                   Football, Baseball, Track

    Albert “Buddy” Woolley ’58              Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

    1974, 1976, 1981 PIAA State Champion Boys Volleyball Teams


    Induction Class of 2004

    David Allen ’70                                  Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

    Roy Q. Allen ’46                                Baseball

    Shayne Willie Culpepper ’92             Cross Country, Winter Track, Track

    Ryan Laubach DeVitis ’93                Cross Country, Basketball, Track, Lacrosse

    Jack Foley ’43                                    Soccer, Wrestling, Baseball

    Eleanor “Pete” Hess ’42                   Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis

    Jack Roy ’45                                      Football, Basketball, Golf

    Joe Trickett ’44                                 Football, Basketball, Baseball

    1954, 1955, 1956 State Champion Boys Track & Field

    880 Yard Relay Team

    1957 National AAU Indoor Championship Runner-Up Team


    Induction Class of 2005

    Harold Aigeldinger ’30                      Baseball

    Larry Davis ’77                                  Baseball, Volleyball, Cross Country

    Charles “Chick” Hodges ’57            Basketball, Tennis

    William Hoeveler ’41                         Basketball

    Stanley E. Johnson ’46                     Cross Country, Track

    Kenneth W. Keehn ’69                      Cross Country, Wrestling, Track

    Bruce McClay ’70                              Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse

    Karen Pesto Coder ’75                     Field Hockey, Lacrosse

    Daniel G. Phipps ’43                         Football, Basketball, Track

    Nancy Wakefield McGoldrick ’76    Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

    William B. Stinson, Sr.                       Coach

    1983 Girls 4 X 800 State Championship Relay Team


    Induction Class of 2006

    Richard “Dick” Beeler ’34                Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track

    George Ciccarelli, Sr. ’38                Football, Basketball, Baseball

    Maddie Cotler (Weiser) ’70             Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

    Judy Dennin (Glavin) ‘90                  Volleyball, Basketball, Lacrosse

    Michael Manning ’90                        Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

    Fred J. Martinelli ’50                        Wrestling

    Larry Menghetti ’37                           Football, Basketball, Baseball

    1943 Boys Suburban I Championship Baseball Team


    Induction Class of 2007

    Craig D. Basile II ’68                        Football, Wrestling

    David Bravo ’81                                Football, Volleyball, Baseball

    Charles DiPuppo ’57                        Football, Lacrosse

    Benjamin C. Drake ’38                     Baseball

    Richard Hamilton                               Coach

    Brendan Hansen ’00                         Swimming

    Kathleen M. LeBlanc ’82                  Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

    Edward McIlmoyle ’59                      Basketball

    Bernard Schaeffer ’62                       Basketball

    Mary-Pat Stein ’81                            Volleyball, Basketball, Softball

    1968-1969 Wrestling Teams


    Induction Class of 2008

    Stewart “Bucky” Bowers ‘57            Football, Basketball

    Bill Haeberlein ’57                             Football, Lacrosse

    Frank Davis ’44                                 Baseball, Basketball

    Bobby DiLullo ’76                              Football, Baseball

    Dr. Walton B. Hill                               Coach

    Paul Kozicki ’75                                 Swimming

    David Lewis ’64                                 Diving

    Val Erdmanis ’69                               Football, Baseball

    Rosheen Campbell ’89                     Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

    Emily Ryan Person ’97                      Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

    1968 Central League Champion Baseball Team


    Induction Class of 2009

    Bill “Burf”Burfein ’60                          Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Wrestling

    Bob Castell ’80                                  Baseball, Football, Wrestling

    Michael T. Jones ’97                         Cross Country, Wrestling

    Justin McCarthy ’95                           Football, Lacrosse, Soccer

    Bobbi Cabrey Morgan ’91                Coach

    Juergen Saalmann ’55                      Cross Country

    1968 Undefeated Central League Champion Football Team


    Induction Class of 2010

    Siobhan Campbell Rondolone '85    Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse
    Linda Edelman '76                              Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse
    Beckett Hollenbach '98                       Soccer
    Ann B. Kerns                                        Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse
    Ken Leonard '67                                  Basketball, Lacrosse ----    Posthumous Veteran
    Donald "Ridge" MacLaren '66           Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
    Mark Mondschein '70                          Track, Wrestling
    Colleen O'Hara '99                               Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse
    1993 PIAA State Champion 4 x 800 Meter Relay Team
             Ed Poynton, Chris Duckworth, Bob Freas & Mark Wilson
             Coached by Mike Ahlum & Jay Williams
    Wayne Heim                                          Coach Induction
    Val Walchak                                           Special Recognition Award

    Induction Class of 2011

    Samanth Bates Floyd '93                       Cross Country, Winter Track, Track
    Ivan Bell             '68                                  Soccer, Wrestling
    Louis T. Hamilton '78 (Deceased)        Soccer, Volleyball, Lacrosse
    David M. Jensen '82                               Football, Indoor Track, Track
    Bruce H. Kennett '69                               Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse
    Fred Schrader '54                                   Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
    Elizabeth Tortorelli Byers '01                 Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse
    1981 PIAA State Champion 400 Meter Relay Team
          Mario O. Bowler, Sr., David M. Jensen, Richard A. Santo, Jr. & Kyle Walton
          Head Coach Mike McMillen, Assistant Coach Mike Ahlum
    Karl Keck                                                  Coach Induction
    George Campbell                                    Special Recognition Award
     Induction Class of 2013
     Robert "Bob"Cabrelli '67                          Football, Basketball
    Judy (Hackett) Keers '66                           Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse
    George "Buddy" Marucci '70                     Golf
    Carey (Horrigan) Vesely '86                      Field Hockey, Lacrosse
    Megan Vetter '01                                       Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse
    1963-64 Girls' Basketball Team
    1964-65 Girls' Basketball Team
    Robert Bush                                              Coach
    Dale R. Bonsall, Wrestling Coach             Special Recognition Award


    Ray Baur, Jr. '92                                               Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse
    Margaret Elderton '04                                       Soccer, Basketball
    Chris Hoyle '93                                                 Basketball, Golf, Lacrosse
    Rhian Jones '08                                                 Track, Field Hockey
    Ashley Moderacki '98                                       Volleyball, Basketball, Lacrosse
    Normal Wiggin ;38 (Posthumous)                     Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis
    Rich Maxwell '66                                                Swimming
    Marshall Uzzle '60                                             Track
    Linda Jones, Field Hockey                                 Coach
    1970 PIAA State Runner-ups Boys' Basketball Team
    2003 PIAA State Championship Runner-up Girls' 4x800 Relay Team
    2004 PIAA State Championship Girls' 4x800 Relay Team