• Board of School Directors

    The School District of Haverford Township is governed by a nine-member school board. Each board member is elected to a four-year term of office and resides in the township. The board usually meets on the first and third Thursday of every month at 7:30PM in the Public Board Room at Oakmont School (refer to meeting schedule above). The public is invited to attend all public meetings. To communicate with The Board of School Directors via email click here havschbd@haverfordsd.net. Please provide your name and contact information to expedite a response.

    Videotaped recordings of the meeting are also broadcast on Comcast Cable Channel 11 and Verizon FiOS Channel 40

    Comcast Channel 11 runs the taped meeting on the weekend following the meeting at the following times: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 4PM and 8PM, Saturday and Sunday at 8AM and the Wednesday after the meeting at 4PM, 8PM, and 11PM. School Board meetings are also available On-Demand through the District website.

    Denis A. Gray Esq., Board President


    Denis A. Gray, a partner in the Malvern law firm Palmer & Gray LLP, is president of the Haverford Township Board of School Directors.  A school board member since 1996 and president since 1999. He currently serves on the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association Board of Directors for District 1. He and his wife Dawn have four children.  Three of their children currently attend Haverford Schools and one recently graduated. 

    Mr. Gray ran for the School Board because he values public education and the positive educational experience he had at Haverford. He believes that public education is a very important part of where you live. Strong schools draw new residents and strengthen communities.

    Mr. Gray earned a B.S. in accounting from St. Joseph's University and a J.D. from the Widener University School of Law. A graduate of Haverford High School and a former CPA, Gray’s current law practice is in business and estates. In addition to serving on various committees related to the School Board and spending time with his family, he loves to run in local races. 

     Kimberly Allen-Stuck, Ph.D

    stuck Dr. Kimberly Allen-Stuck, the Director of Student Success & First Year Experience at Saint Joseph's University, was elected to the Haverford Township Board of School Directors in 2013 after serving as an interim member for a year. Allen- Stuck currently serves in a leadership capacity for curriculum and instruction and as the liaison to the Delaware County Community College.  She and her husband Kevin have two children who attend Haverford Schools.

    Dr. Allen-Stuck ran for the school board because she believes that strong public education is the heart of a strong community. She sees first hand the impact of quality preparation for college each day in her work, and wants to ensure that Haverford township students continue to receive an excellent education.
    Dr. Allen-Stuck earned a B.S. in Sociology from Shippensburg University, a M.S.Ed. in Higher Education Administration and a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. When she isn't working with the School Board, she enjoys photography, coaching softball and cheering for her kids playing sports.



     Coleen Bennett
    Bennett Coleen Bennett, a Curriculum Developer, was appointed to fill a vacancy and to serve as an interim member until December 4, 2017. Ms. Bennett recently served on the Haverford Township Board of School Directors for four years, three of those as the Vice President, before deciding not to seek reelection in 2015. She and her husband Matt have two children who attend Haverford High School.

    Ms. Bennett initially ran for the school board because she is passionate about public education. She has dedicated her entire professional career to improving public education, and wants to use her knowledge and experience to promote the continued success of Haverford Township students and schools, and Havertown as a community.

    Ms. Bennett earned a B.A. in Social and Behavioral Sciences and a M.A. in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University. When not cheering on her children playing sports, Coleen enjoys hiking and walking with her dog.              

    Russell Bilotta


    Russell Bilotta, the Director for Administrative Systems for Neumann University, has served on the Haverford Township Board of School Directors for 13 years. Bilotta serves in a leadership capacity for facilities and construction.  His adult children attended Haverford Schools.
    Mr. Bilotta ran for the school board to ensure his daughter got a quality education and he stays on in gratefulness for the experience she had.  He believes that strong schools lead to strong property values and strong communities. He enjoys giving back to the community.
    Mr. Bilotta attended Drexel University and has been professionally involved in computer maintenance and software administration for almost 30 years. When he is not at a Haverford High football game, he enjoys reading and cooking. 

      Lawrence A. Feinberg


    Lawrence A. Feinberg, the President of The Local Group, Inc., has served on the Haverford Township Board of School Directors for 14 years. Feinberg serves as the board's Legislative Liaison to state and federal officials on education issues and is the Chairman of the Delaware County School Boards Legislative Council. He and his wife Ingrid have two children who attended Haverford Schools.

    Mr. Feinberg ran for the school board because he believes that public education is the foundation of our democracy and that its mission is to create informed American citizens. In 2006, he founded and now co-chairs the Keystone State Education Coalition, a non-partisan grassroots statewide public education advocacy group. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.

    Mr. Feinberg has a B.S. in Management Information Systems from LaSalle University and attended Villanova University for graduate business coursework. He has also been appointed to the National School Boards Associationís Federal Relations Network and in that role seeks to insure that public education is a top priority of the federal government. In 2012, Feinberg received the Media Area NAACP's Foot Soldier for Justice Award in recognition of his commitment to universal public education and advocacy efforts, and was invited to join a group of Pennsylvania education leaders to meet with senior administration education policy advisors at the White House. In addition to his School Board and advocacy work, Mr. Feinberg is a longtime runner who has completed twenty-five slow marathons.

    Ari Flaisher

    Ari Flaisher, a full time parent and golf coach, joined the Haverford Township School Board in 2015. He and his wife Jennifer have two children who currently attend Haverford Schools.
    Mr. Flaisher ran for the school board because he cares deeply about education. As a certified teacher, he has gained experience working in local school districts and wants to help SDHT stay strong.  As a parent to two elementary school aged children, Mr. Flaisher has been able to see first hand the myriad of strengths within our school district. He is therefore excited about this opportunity to serve and work on a team that seeks to continue the strong educational experience the SDHT provides.
    Mr. Flaisher earned a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland, a MBA in Marketing from Lynn University and his K-12 teaching certificate from Eastern University. He currently is a substitute teacher and coaches youth golf at the YMCA. Prior to his teaching work, he served as Head Men's Golf coach at Rosemont College, worked in client relationships at Vanguard Group and in National account management for Softspikes. Mr. Flaisher also worked in the film industry on a number of feature films, television shows and commercials as a Production Manager and Assistant. In addition to his School Board work, Mr. Flaisher is an avid golfer who enjoys sharing his passion for the history of the game and is a founding member of the Philadelphia Hickory Golf Society. He enjoys swimming, coaching his children's various sports teams and follows Maryland Basketball.

      James E. Goldschmidt, Ph.D.

    Dr. Jim Goldschmidt, Chief Operating Officer for Macrophage Therapeutics, has served on the Haverford Township Board of School Directors for over 17 years. Goldschmidt currently serves in a leadership capacity for finance. He and his wife Sandy have four children who attended Haverford Schools.

    Dr. Goldschmidt ran for the School Board because he wanted to ensure all students receive a quality education that prepares them to be knowledgeable and productive members of society. As a long-time resident of Haverford Township and parent of four Haverford graduates, Goldschmidt knows how valuable it is to have a Haverford Degree and wants to ensure that generations to come receive the same educational opportunity.

    Dr. Goldschmidt earned a B.S. in Science from Villanova University, a M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University and a Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology from Temple University's School of Medicine. Prior to Macrophage, Goldschmidt worked at Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth and GlaxoSmithKline. In addition to his school board responsibilities, he enjoys international travel, golf and tailgating at Penn State Football games.

      Philip Hopkins


    Phil Hopkins, a senior consultant in Economics and Country Risk at IHS, an economic forecasting firm, has served on the Haverford Township Board of School Directors since 1985. Mr. Hopkins currently serves as a co-chair of the Finance Committee.  He is the district's representative on the Boards of Directors for the Delaware County Intermediate Board and the Career and Technical Education (CTE) schools. He and his wife Jo have three adult children who attended Haverford Township Schools.

    Mr. Hopkins values independent thinking and responsible decision-making.  He is concerned about 1) raising the achievement level of all our students who compete in a global economy, and 2) controlling costs when faced with high growth rates in non-discretionary items like retirement, health care, and special education.  He is committed to maintaining Haverford's long-standing reputation as an “excellent buy” in public education.   

    Mr. Hopkins earned a B.S. in Economics from the University of Michigan and a M.S. in City and Regional Planning from the Ohio State University. He is a board member of 21PSTEM whose mission is to increase the effectiveness of teaching science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects. A long-time member of the Ardmore United Methodist church, Mr. Hopkins serves on the Board of Trustees and sings in the choir. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, physical exercise, and gardening.

     Joseph P. Martin, Ph.D. P.E.

    Joseph Martin is a Professor of Civil Engineering at Drexel University and a licensed Professional Engineer. He has served on the Haverford Township Board of School Directors since 2003. Martin serves in a leadership capacity for facilities and construction. Prior to being on the School Board, he was a member of the Haverford Township Environmental Advisory Committee. He and his wife Catherine have two grown children. 
    Dr. Martin initially ran for the school board to assist with oversight of district facilities improvement and maintenance. He believes that it is important to help kids learn how to think, so that they will have the greatest range of options for their life. Public investment in its young people pays dividends for both the person and society. Dr. Martin knows from personal experience that education opens doors. Sputnick, the Great Society and the GI Bill made his opportunities and those of six siblings much, much wider than might have been predicted.
    Dr. Martin earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Tufts University, a M.S. in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and a Ph. D in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University. Dr. Martin is a veteran of the U.S. Army. In addition to his attending school board meetings and celebrating the Boston Red Sox 2013 World Championship, he is a member of the Boy Scout Troop Constellation District Eagle Board.