• Welcome to the Technology Department



     (Front) Tom StraubJoanne Hayes, Rob Anderson, Marge Olinger, Fred Brown, Laurie VanTrieste (Back) Mary Kulsik, Susan Halligan, Carol Bellamy, Diana Cooke, Andrew ZitelliBlu Taylor, Melissa Caiazzo, Brian Kelly, Amy Hermansen, Margaret Kane 

    The goal of the Technology Department is to support the mission of Haverford School District which is: To educate and to inspire a community of lifelong learners.

    The Technology Department provides technical leadership and support to all students, staff, schools, and departments in planning, utilizing, and maintaining our network and information systems to best meet the instructional and administrative needs of the district. 

    Our classrooms and libraries have access to interactive whiteboards, desktop computers, computer labs, laptop computer carts which access our wireless network, and projectors. Every computer in the district is networked and has a high speed connection to the Internet.

    The Technology Department provides training, expertise and full time support to each of our seven schools. We place emphasis upon teamwork and group ownership. It is through these collaborative efforts that theTechnology Department supports more than 25 servers and 2500 computers throughout the district.