• Becoming a Homebound Instructor for the School District of Haverford Township

    Homebound Instruction



    1. Applicants wishing to provide homebound instruction for the School District of Haverford Township should begin the process by completing the online application process for current openings.


    1. Selected applicants will interview with Pupil Services administrators. All interviews will be arranged via e-mail through our web based system.


    1. Applicants should bring copies of the following to the interview:


    Copy of teaching certificate*

    Act 34 PA State Police Criminal Background Check

     Act 151 Childline Clearance (Child Abuse)

    Act 114 FBI Criminal Clearance (Fingerprinting)


    *Act 48 hours must be current


    Applicants who, based on knowledge and experience, are able to provide homebound instruction outside of their certicate area may complete Form PDE 338 G.


    Copies of interview and ratings with recommendations for hiring will be sent to Human Resources.


    1. Applicants who are approved for hiring will be scheduled to meet with Human Resources to complete employment paperwork and sign an offer letter. A copy will be forwarded to the homebound secretary.


    1. The human resources secretary will create a resolution for hiring for Board approval.


    1. Once approved, the homebound teacher will receive the homebound instruction orientation packet. Homebound instruction will be coordinated through the secretary to the Assistant Director of Pupil Services and Special Education.


    1. An annual meeting will be held in the fall of each year for homebound teachers who wish to review processes, receive updates and ask any questions related to the position.