• What you need to do when your address changes:

    When you registered your student for school, you had to prove your residence in the township.  You did this by: 

    1.    providing a mortgage statement or tax bill if you were a homeowner;

    2.    providing your lease* if you were renting your home; or

    3.    completing a multiple occupancy application if you were living with a township owner or renter.


    If you move, even if it is within township borders, you must provide this paperwork again.  It must be done each time you change addresses.

    As soon as you know you will be moving, please call the Registrar’s office (610-853-5900, ext. 7139) to provide the necessary documentation.  Please note that your student's address, school, or bus transportation cannot be changed until this documentation is provided.

    *A lease must contain your landlord’s telephone number, list your child(ren) as occupants, and include the page where both you and the landlord have signed.