• Google Calendar
    • Import your FirstClass Calendar into Google Calendar (pdf)screen shot

      • Open FirstClass.  Select your personal calendar
      • On the Menu Bar select View --> View by list
      • Press Command + A on your keyboard to select all the items on your calendar list
      • On the Menu Bar select File --> Export
      • In the popup window select * Selected events and tasks and * For use with Outlook (.csv)
      • Name and save the file to your desktop

      • Log into your Google account and select Calendar from the Google array of apps (calendar.google.com)
      • Select the gear icon on the upper right corner of your calendar --> Settings
      • Choose the Calendar tab/link scroll down to Import calendar
      • Browse to your desktop for the export calendar from First Class and select your Google calendar. Import
      • That's it! Check your calendar to see imported events
    • Managing Multiple Calendars
    screen shot • Your calendar has sub-calendars which may be turned on and off as you need to see additional events so as not to clutter your main calendar

    • When a square contains color beside a calendar, events on that calendar are visible on your base calendar

    • When the square is blank, those events are hidden until you need to see them
    •  Add an Event to a Calendar

    There are two ways to add an event to a calendar:

    screen shot • Click once to add an event to your calendarscreen shot
            ° Fill in the name of the event
            ° Select the calendar to which to place your event

    • Double Click to add a more detailed event
    screen shot       °Uncheck "All day" to fill in the exact time of the event
          ° Fill in the addition information, again being sure you are creating your event on the correct calendar
          ° Save

    • Make Google calendar your default calendar client
    When you click a date in email you have the option to add the dates directly to your Google calendar.
    To set Google as the default calendar:
    • Open your google calendar app
    • Select the protocol helper icon in the address bar (to the left of the star)  protocol helper
    • Click the icon and select allow in the popup window
    Add a New Calendar
    You may want to add a calendar for your team, grade level or department to share important dates.
    • Select the gear in the upper right corner of your calendar
    • Choose the Calendars link/tab
    • Scroll down to Create New Calendar
      • Fill in the calendar name
      • Share with specific people
        • Choose students or colleagues in Haverford School District by typing a few letters of their name and selecting them from the drop down list.
        • Select the level of access you want for each added shared user using the Permissions Settings drop down. Different people may have different Permission Settings
        • When you have completed adding individuals click Create Calendar
          screen shot