• Getting Ready for the Move to Google Mail            Mail


    We are ready for the move to Google mail! If you have any questions not listed below please let us know.

    When will my files be moved?
    Administrative staff at Oakmont will begin using Google Mail on 4/24/17. Educational staff will make the transition to Google Mail on 5/26/17.
    I've used my havsd.net email on so many sites. What about all that mail?
    Once your mail is moved, your havsd.net email will automatically forward to your Google account at haverfordsd.net for many years to come.
    Use your Google email address on any new websites and update your email address on any existing accounts as you come across them, but your First Class mail address will continue to redirect to you at the haverfordsd.net account for the foreseeable future.
    What about all the mail I currently have in First Class?
    Your mail will be moved for you, including mail in folders within your First Class Mailbox. But there are things you must do to assure a smooth transition.
    Mail stored outside the "Mailbox" folder should be moved back to your mailbox by dragging it and dropping it on the Mailbox icon. 
    If you store documents not attached to an email (PDFs, Word Documents, Spreadsheets...), save these files to your Google Drive before the mail migration.
    Will my Contacts be moved?
    Exporting your contacts is simple! You can import them into Google Contact in just a few minutes. Building mail lists in Google Mail is a very simple process.
    Will there still be access to mail lists, like we had in First Class?
    Yes! All the mail lists are created and can be used in much the same way you are familiar with. Typing the first few letters of a school will popup a window of available mail lists. (ex: Coop, HS. HMS, Ly...)
    As in in the past, mail lists are for school use only. Individuals may not use a school mail list for personal business. 
    Will my calendar be migrated?screen shot
    Calendars are a separate app in Google Drive and easily accessible from the app array of squares on your Google home page.
    All the building level calendars are already created and shared with you in Google.  These calendars will be updated as we get closer to the move date.
    If you used your personal calendar in FirstClass you can export the information and easily import into your Google Calendar.  You can share that calendar with others just as your could in FirstClass.
    Will we still use News Postings? 
    Yes! News postings will not be a separate pop-up window anymore. The News Postings will be delivered into your Google mailbox with all your other mail. You may organize or delete News Postings just as you would any other mail. 

    I am not familiar with Google Mail, will there be training?
    Absolutely. Training sessions will be held many times and videos and directions are available on this site. If you have any questions, your building technology staff is always happy to help make your transition go smoothly.