Can You Suggest a Great Book to Read?

  • Read Anything Good Lately?

    Posted by 1st Name Only on 2/16/2015 10:00:00 AM

    Read Anything Good Lately? Dear Phoenix Readers,

    Find out what other Chestnutwold kids are reading and then tell us about a great book that you have read!
    Click below on the tiny gray word "Comments" to get started.
    ** In the box at the end of the comments:

    1. Write the title and author of your book.
    2. Tell us one or two things about the book.

    3. What ages do you think would like this book?
    4. Stay Anonymous or you could include your FIRST NAME only.
    5. Your comment is emailed to me and then I need to approve it before I post it. It may take a day
          before you see your comment online.   
    6. You could also go to and join the class np3izo5 and find out how to make a slide show about your favorite books. Then share it with me! 


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