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Kindergarten Schedule on Act 80 & Parent Conference Days

Act 80 & Parent Conference Days - 11:50 AM dismissal for grades 1-5.  Refer to the chart for K Act 80 Days.
Date                                 Day                           Dismissal                        Kindergarten in Session

October 31                        Monday                     11:30                              AM in Session
November 21                    Monday                     11:50                              PM in Session
November 22                    Tuesday                     11:30                              AM in Session
November 23                   Wednesday                11:50                              PM in Session
January 13                        Friday                         11:30                              AM in Session
February 17                       Friday                         11:50                              PM in Session
March 3                             Friday                         11:30                              AM in Session
March 15                           Wednesday                11:50                              PM in Session
March 16                           Thursday                    11:30                              AM in Session
March 17                           Friday                         11:50                              PM in Session

Elementary Instruction - Building opens at 8:35 AM
Grades 1-5               8:45AM-3:30PM
AM Kindergarten    8:45AM - 11:25AM
PM Kindergarten     12:50PM - 3:30PM

              Kindergarten Transportation Information

             for schedule changes on Act 80/Parent Conference Days


A.M. Kindergarten students - have no changes to transportation. They take the same bus to and from school.


P.M. Kindergarten students - have no change to the bus ride home. However, for the ride to school, stops and times of pick up may change. In order to verify your Kindergartner’s bus stop and time, follow the below steps. 

1.   1.   Go to the Coopertown website.

2.   2.   At the top of the page go to Departments and select Transportation.        

3.   3.   On the left side of the page under Transportation select Bus Routes – WebQuery.

4.   4.   In the Student Information section, on the left side type your address in the box.

5.   5.   In the Student Information section, on the right side select grade KA

      (morning Kindergarten).  This will search for routes for morning buses for Kindergartners.

6.   6.   Then select Go.

7.   7.   The next window will display a list of schools. Select Coopertown from the list.

8.   8.   At the bottom of the page a window will appear with the nearest bus stop street location,

      bus number, and stop time. 

9.   9.   There is a view the map selection at the bottom of the page that will display a map

      and indicate the bus stop locations.