The School District of Haverford Township welcomes you and your child(ren) to our school community. Our registration is now online (link below). 

Before you register online (link above) please review the documents below to collect the necessary information about your child to complete the process.  You will be prompted to print the forms during the online process, or you can print them from here.

PLEASE NOTE: Early (February) Kindergarten Registration if overIf you are interested in registering your child to begin kindergarten in September and he or she will be 5 years old by August 31, please follow the instructions below.
Below is the information you will need in order to complete the online registration.
Please review prior to registering online.

Forms to be completed by Parent/Guardian unless otherwise noted  to finalize the registration process:

 Home Language Survey (only for students whose first language is NOT English)
 Custody Agreement/Court Orders (for students who do NOT live with both parents at one address)
 School Health Record
 Medical/Dental Exam Form (this form tell us who will perform exams when they are needed)
 Statement of Previous Disciplinary Action (not necessary for kindergarten)
 Request for Release of Records (not necessary for kindergarten)
 Photo/Media Release
 Food Allergy Factsheet
 Internet Rules of Use (Kindergarten through grade 5 ONLY)
           *Return Agreement signed by student and parent; retain 3-page Acceptable Use policy for reference.
 AM / PM Kindergarten Request Form (for kindergarten ONLY)

In addition to the forms above, the Parent/Guardian Provides:

   1.  Proof of child's birth and Social Security number
            (birth certificate, hospital certificate, baptismal certificate, passport are all acceptable)
            NOTE:  children must be 5 year of age by Aug. 31 to begin kindergarten and 6 by Aug. 31 to begin first grade 
   2.  Immunization records (registration cannot be processed without this)
             Required Immunizations
   3.  Documentation of family residence:
             If you own your own home:  deed, agreement of sale, settlement statement, tax bill, or mortgage statement
             If you rent your home:  lease agreement that includes the landlord's telephone number,
             lists your child(ren) as occupant(s), and shows landlord and tenant's signatures
             If you do not own or rent in your own name, please call the Registrar for additional instructions
   4.  IEP and evaluation report, if applicable
   5.  Most recent report card that shows at least two sets of grades (this is required for middle and high school students)

Optional Handouts, available from the Registrar.  These are NOT required for registration, but are here for your information:

 Private Physician's Report (all)
 Communicable Diseases Regulations (all)
 List of required immunizations (all)
 Medical requirements for kindergarten and 1st time entry registration (varies)
 Parent Medication Consent Form (all)

NOTE: If you have any other school records you think would be helpful from your child's previous school, bring them with you when you register.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please call the Registrar (Barbara Curtin) at 610-853-5900, ext. 7139.


As you complete the forms and provide the necessary documentation for registration, we want to bring to your attention that residency allows the provision of free school privileges to children of school age in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The requirements of residency (see Registration Checklist) must be met for enrollment.

We want to advise all registrants applying for enrollment that making any willful false statement is a crime and subjects the person making such false statements to penalties of perjury pursuant to the Pennsylvania Crimes of Offenses Code 18 PA stat. Section 4901, et. seq. Also, the District may bring further charges again the individual for theft of services pursuant to 18 PA stat. Section 3926 and 18 PA stat. Section 3922, both of which would be considered felonies, and Fraudulent Practices pursuant to 18 PA stat. Section 4101, et. seq. The individual also becomes liable for the average annual tuition of $9,916.26 for an elementary school student and/or $11,558.61 for a secondary student. Tuition rates fluctuate from year to year.

Dr. William Keilbaugh
Superintendent of Schools