Mind Mapping Tools


Use these tools to work with classmates, share notes, prepare a presentation, and work on the web.

  1. bubbl.us: Create a mind map with bubbl.us and then embed it into your site or blog; save it as an image; or share it with friends.
  2. Gliffy: can create flowcharts and technical drawings with Gliffy.
  3. XMind: This social mind mapping tool is great for group projects.
  4. Mind42: Mind42 is a mind mapping tool that sits in your browser and lets you work with friends.
  5. WiseMapping: WiseMapping is all about the free creation of shareable mind maps from your browser. There’s no space limit, either.
  6. Dabbleboard: Dabbleboard is an online white board that lets you create mind maps, sketches, project outlines and more with your group.
  7. Mindquarry: Mindquarry is an open source collaboration tool for group editing, file sharing, task management and brainstorming.
  8. Comapping: Comapping lets your whole group add notes and plan out projects from one map.
  9. Stixy: Use photos, notes, documents and to-do lists to create your mind map with other students.
  10. writewith: This collaborative writing tool is great for working on research papers and presentations.


These highly specialized mind-mapping tools are great for mobile users:

  1. Instaviz: Take mind mapping to your iPhone with Instaviz.
  2. MindBerry: BlackBerry users enjoy note-taking organization and mind mapping with this tool.