HMS Daily Announcements


Friday, June 16th

Today (Friday) is the last school day! Students will be dismissed at 11:20. Not to dampen the excitement of summer break, but summer reading and math information is on the home page of the website!

Any Gold Team member who had medication at camp needs to have a parent pick their meds by Tuesday.

Last call for 6th grade artists that had artwork in the art show please come by Mrs. Hoffmann's room now!

Last call for 7th graders that had art work in this year's Art Show can pick it up in Ms. Hagerty's room.

And, you know this is coming, right? Last call for 8th grade artists, your artwork may be picked up in the connecting corridor.

All 8th graders taking Art 1 at the High School next year please see Ms. Stein during homeroom for summer art opportunities.

All band and orchestra students are reminded to take their instruments home for the summer. Please don't leave them in the building.

One last shout out to our 8th Grade Ford Focus crew, Allie Ross, Colleen Chung, Lauren Evans, Teagan Coen, Erica Borbi, Seun Omotoshu and Momoh Turay! Thanks for your dedication over the last three years! We wish you all the best in High School and hope to see you on the evening news sometime in the future!