School Guidelines

-You must sign in at the office when entering the school building!

-You need to send a note for all latenesses, absences, and early dismissals.

-We usually have some form of homework Monday through Thursday. It is important for you to interact with your child each evening during homework. Insist on the BEST, including penmanship! If for some reason homework cannot be completed please jot a note to the teacher on your child's homework sheet.

-Birthday celebrations will not include the consumption of food or drink. To honor a student's birthday, we ask that non-food celebrations be arranged with the teacher at least one week prior to their special day.  To minimize disruption to the instructional day, we also ask that these celebrations be limited to no more than 10 - 15 minutes.

-If you need to speak to a teacher regarding your child please send a note to request a conference. When the children are entering for the day and at dismissal time are extremely hectic times for the teacher and the children.

-Lunch tickets are available in the school office. The cost is $10.00 for a weekly ticket. A lunch menu and school calendar will come home at the beginning of each month in the family envelope.

-Please keep your child's teacher aware of home situations. The bridge between home and school makes a world of difference.