Tax Collection

Again this year for your convenience, payments for School District Real Estate Taxes will be accepted at the TD Bank branch at 120 W. Eagle Road, Havertown. Branches are open on Saturday and Sunday.

Below you will find listed the due dates for the 2015 School District of Haverford Township Real Estate Tax.

2% Discount Amount DUE BY AUGUST 31, 2015

Face Amount DUE BY OCTOBER 31, 2015

Penalty Amount DUE BY DECEMBER 31, 2015

Haverford Township allows payments to be made in installments. If you choose this method, the first installment MUST be paid on or before October 5, 2015. If the first payment is not received by October 5, 2015, the installment plan can not be used and only the full payment is acceptable. The first installment will not be accepted late. If the 2nd and 3rd installments are received late, the installment with penalty added will be due. Listed below are the three installment due dates.

1st Installment DUE OCTOBER 5, 2015

2nd Installment DUE NOVEMBER 5, 2015

3rd Installment DUE DECEMBER 5, 2015

In fairness to all taxpayers of Haverford Township, the above dates will be adhered to and no exceptions can be made. Payments received with a postmark after the due date will be returned to the taxpayer, and the higher amount will then be due. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SCHOOL DISTRICT IS NOT PERMITTED TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS ON THIS BILL AFTER DECEMBER 31, 2015. ALL UNPAID TAXES INCLUDING UNPAID INSTALLMENTS WILL BE SENT TO THE DELAWARE COUNTY TAX CLAIM BUREAU AND WILL BE SUBJECT TO PENALTY, INTEREST AND FEES.

If you would like a receipt returned, please send the entire copy of the bill and a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment. If you have any questions, please contact the School District Tax office (610) 853-5916. Thank you.

Please read our School Tax FAQ for more information.