Welcome to the Archives of Haverford Junior High / Middle School!
Would you like to look for a relative or ancestor who attended Haverford Junior High in the 1940's and 50's? Would you like to see what kids wore to school, what classes and activities they took part in? Then browse through some old yearbooks from the Haverford Junior High/Middle School Archives below.
*Not every page is included but most are there. Click on the blue links and enjoy! (Be patient though--it could take 4-5 minutes to load these large files)
 1947 yearbook
 1947-48 Yearbook
 1948-49 yearbook
1949-50 yearbook  
 1950-51 yearbook
 1951-52 Yearbook
1952-53 Yearbook  
1977-78 Yearbook  
1978-79  Yearbook