Haverford Middle School, in partnership with our community, will provide a welcoming, safe learning environment where all children are valued, challenged, and empowered to:
  • Achieve their highest academic and individual potential
  • Discover their self-worth
  • Recognize and accept differences in others
  • Act with integrity and respect
  • Contribute responsibly to their school and community


We have prepared this handbook to introduce our programs, activities, and policies to all involved in our Haverford Middle School community.

We are committed to meeting the needs and interests of students in the transitional years of sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Students, staff and facilities are organized for effective instruction. Extra-curricular activities are designed to enrich the experiences of the middle school student.

We look forward to creating a partnership with you in order to encourage the academic, social, and emotional growth of your child during these formative middle school years!

These telephone numbers may be of help throughout the school year:

Main Office
610-853-5900 ext. 5000
Mr. Daniel J. Horan (Principal)
610-853-5900 ext. 5551
Ms. Pat Layton (Main Office Secretary) 610-853-5900 ext. 5550
Ms. Beth Mastrocola (6th Grade Principal)
610-853-5900 ext. 5561
  Mrs. Michele D'Avella (6th Grade Secretary)
610-853-5900 ext. 5560
  Mrs. Nancy Naylor (6th Counselor)
610-853-5900 ext. 5562
Mr. John Berardoni (7th Grade Principal)
610-853-5900 ext. 5560

Mrs. MaryAnn Chalfant (7th Grade Secretary)
610-853-5900 ext. 5561

Mr. Kevin Murphy (7th Grade Counselor)
610-853-5900 ext. 5572
Mrs. Natalie Hiller (8th Grade Principal)
610-853-5900 ext. 5581

Mrs. Martha Lawless (8th Grade Secretary)
610-853-5900 ext. 5580

Mrs. Ronna Scheier (8th Grade Counselor)
610-853-5900 ext. 5582
Mrs. Laurie VanTrieste (MS Coordinator of Technology Services)
610-853-5900 ext. 5090
Mrs. Colleen Malczynski (Middle School Counselor)
610-853-5900 ext. 5162
Mrs. Jocelyn Drucis (Home and School Counselor)
610-853-5900 ext. 5552
Last Modified on August 17, 2016