• Throw Back Thursday - 1996

    Posted by Amanda Larsen at 8/7/2014
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    Nick Rotoli, Assistant Superintendent * Bill Keilbaugh, Superintendent * George Ramplin, Director of Transportation
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  • School Supplies

    Posted by Amanda Larsen at 8/1/2014

    Chatham Park
    Elementary School
    Elementary School
    Click here for School Supply lists 
    Elementary School
    Elementary School 
    Elementary School

    Haverford Middle School 
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  • Board of School Directors Approves Two – Year Extension to the Collective Bargaining Agreement

    Posted by Amanda Larsen at 7/28/2014
    The Board of Directors of the School District of Haverford Township approved the contract extension negotiated between the School District and the Haverford Township Education Association PSEA/NEA.  The Board approval finalizes the extension of the collective bargaining agreement for two years beyond the current agreement, September 1, 2015-August 30, 2017.
          The negotiated collective bargaining agreement includes salary adjustments, and increased employee contribution to medical premiums. The salary increase will be implemented over two years with a year one (2015-2016) increase of 2.42% and a year two increase (2016-2017) of 2.45%. The agreement also includes adjustments to stipend and extra duty pay categories.
          In the final year of the agreement, premium contributions, depending on the selected medical plan, will vary from 7.5% to 11.5%. There is also additional language regarding health care coverage adjustments due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act implementation. It contains language, permitting parties to open discussions and move to mediation if the Affordable Care Act presents unanticipated costs.
          Board President, Mr. Denis Gray and Human Resources Director, Mr. Gregg Parker thanks the HTEA Leadership for their cooperation and responsiveness in this effort at extending the current agreement. Superintendent, Dr. William Keilbaugh said, "I am very pleased that the Board and teachers agreed on employment terms that enable us to continue to provide the best educational opportunities for the students of our community.
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  • Throwback Thursday-Brookline Elementary School

    Posted by Amanda Larsen at 7/24/2014
    Brookline Elementary School 
     brook1  brook4       Brookline's First Kindergarten Class in 1972         broook5  brook 6
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  • Coopertown Students Hear About Trains from Engineer

    Posted by Blu Taylor at 7/21/2014
    Ms. Janette Heil invited a special guest reader to her first and second grade LA class at Coopertown, her husband Chris! Chris Heil is a staff consultant for an engineering company, LTK, in Ambler. They consult across the country for passenger rail. He read the book "Shortcut" by Donald Crews. In it, a group of children take a shortcut along the train tracks even though they've been told not to but then a train comes and they don't have time to turn back. They have to jump into briars and water with snakes to avoid the train! Chris brought the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) he is required to wear when he's in the field and spoke about safety with trains. He showed my students his bump hat, safety glasses, and reflective vest. (Some states have color requirements, which is why he has two.) They were excited to get a chance to try some of it on!
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  • FBLA Success for Haverford High

    Posted by Blu Taylor at 7/21/2014
    This year, 32 of our top FBLA students represented Haverford at the annual FBLA State Leadership Conference.  The students broke many HHS FBLA records. There were over 3500 students that attended the State Conference.  Each Haverford student competed against upwards of 100 other students, so placing in the Top 10 was a huge accomplishment. The students listed below placed in the top 3 in the state, and have been invited to compete at the national level this summer in Nashville, TN!

    1st Place, Community Service Project -- Christine Chen, MaryKate Lindner, and Brandon Chang

    2nd Place, Business Plan -- Edward Liu

    3rd Place, Economics -- Matt Root

    The students listed below were recognized on stage as placing the Top 10 in the state:
    4th Place, Current Events -- Curtis Parker

    4th Place, E-Business -- Jake Hartline

    5th Place, Web Design -- Jill DiOrio

    5th Place, Economics -- Ray Pomponio

    7th Place, Desktop Publishing -- Brianna McFadden and Emily Bannan

    9th Place, Global Business -- Aidan Barber and Willie Fineberg

    9th Place, Business Law -- Ryan Kirby

    9th Place, Electronic Career Portfolio -- Wilder Francone

    10th Place, Web Design -- Devon Gallo

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  • Chestnutwold Students Explored Careers

    Posted by Blu Taylor at 7/21/2014
    Fourth grade students at Chestnutwold explored different careers at the annual Career Day this school year. With the help of their teachers, 4th grade students wrote letters to a person of their choosing, inviting them to attend the Career Day. This year's attendees included adults from various professions including coaching, law enforcement, homeland security, architecture, nursing, mechanic, housekeeping, college admissions and a professor to name a few.

    In addition, two local celebrities also attended: Ms. Tracy Davidson, NBC 10 news anchor and Mr. John LeCLair, retired professional hockey player who played for the Philadelphia Flyers. 

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  • Chatham Park 5th grade Artists Transform Entrance with help of Local Artist

    Posted by Blu Taylor at 7/21/2014
    img1  img2
    The 5th Grade Artist in Resident Project transformed the entryway of Chatham Park Elementary with the help of local artist Esther Cohen Eskin.  The project was a paint and broken tile mosaic mural that involved every 5th grade student.
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  • Throwback Thursday

    Posted by Blu Taylor at 7/17/2014


    Photo taken in September 1979, Rear of High School 
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  • Middle School Latin Students Ace National Exam

    Posted by Blu Taylor at 7/17/2014
    Haverford Middle School students Josh Angell and Quinn Gallagher (pictured above) won a top award and also earned a perfect score on the National Latin Exam. Only 7% of Latin 1 test-takers accomplished this feat. The National Latin Exam is an international exam given in the United States and 13 other countries, and it tests Latin grammar, history, mythology, and other cultural areas of Rome and its empire.  No Latin textbooks will completely prepare a student for this test, so students study a lot of material outside of the normal class content throughout the course of the year to supplement their information. 

    Gold Summa Cum Laude

    Josh Angell - perfect score

    Quinn Gallagher - perfect score

    Amy Kushlan

    Stephen Mittleman

    Elizabeth Hay

    Audrey Woodman

    Peter Martin 


    Magna Cum Laude


    Jack Clancy

    Grace Shevchenko

    Richard Chen

    Eric Liu

    Jack Wert

    Lingtao Li

    Corey Weiss 


    Silver Maxima Cum Laude

    Amelia Winger

    Claire Burns

    Chris Brown

    Mikaela Baratka

    Isabel Weir

    Seth Cortez

    Colin Naehr

    Maxwell Duzen

    Liam Broderick

    Cum Laude

    Patrick Kelly

    Jack Ryal

    Bryan Distler

    Ellen Ford

    Craig Gerard

    Alex Arcidiacono

    Michelle Koo

    George Wolffe

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