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This course will help you create and innovate your very own Sole Proprietorship! You business idea will evolve as you complete each component of the Business Plan, with the goal of having the "bank" approve your request for a small business loan to get this business started!
 Assignment, create an AutoCollage of your own: Click Here for Directions
Teens are Entrepreneurs: Watch Parts 1 : 4
  • This link includes a Student-center with access to Practice tests and worksheets.

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Terms of the Day:
  • Students will be responsible for defining entrepreneurial terms each day in an Excel spreadsheet, titled "Terms". These terms will be included in each of the unit tests. Terms will be posted on the board and students will define these terms as their first task daily.
Question of the Week - Every Monday students will write a paragraph to answer the 'question of the week'. This will be typed in a document. Classmates will reflect on one another's answers throughout the week to stimulate discussion and inspire one another. Every Friday, students will print out their discussion document and submit it to me for a grade.
Week 1: What does it mean to YOU to be an entrepreneur?
Week 2: What are the biggest challenges facing a small business owner in Havertown?
Week 3: Do you need industry-specific experience in order to start a small business in a certain industry?
Week 4: What business or entrepreneur do you admire the most and why?
Week 5: How can Facebook and Twitter help a small business?
Week 6: Should a business owner monitor their employees' email and internet usage?
Week 7: How are you going to adapt to the changing economic climate and what is the key to business success in the 21st century?
1. Going into Business For Yourself
    • Part 1 of Business Plan: Choosing Business
    •  Part 2 of Business Plan: The Company Profile


        • Sample Mission Statements:
          •    One Sentence. Clear. Concise.
                  •  Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
                  • "Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected."
                  • Walmart's mission is Saving People Money So They Can Live Better.
                  • Nike's mission is To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.
          • Applicable Job Titles: Owner and Operator, Manager, Assistant Manger, Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, Administrative Assistant, Salesperson
      1. Page 1, The Product and Service List:  Download and Save
      2. Page 2, The SWOT Analysis:  Download and Save
        1. SWOT Resource
      3. Page 3, The Competitor Analysis:  Download and Save

                       Chapter 4: Going Global

2. Researching and Planning your Venture
  • Chapter 5: Feasibility and Business Planning
  • Chapter 6: Market Analysis
  • Chapter 7: Types of Ownership
  • Chapter 8: The Legal Environment:
    • Illegal Interview Questions:
      Chapter 9: Site Selection and Layout Planning
3. Managing Market Strategies:  

Read:   The Importance of your Small Business's Website

4. Managing your Business Processes
5. Managing the Finances of your Business
6. Growing your Business
  • Chapter 22: Risk Management
  • Chapter 23: Making your Business Grow
  • Chapter 24: Social and Ethical Reasponsibility
7. The Business Plan Presentation to the Ban
The Five Things You Must Do Before Approaching Any Investor:

The Seven Deadly Sins of Investor Presentations

Slideshow to Bank: FromPitch to Launch!