2016-2017 Chestnutwold Library Schedule / Guidelines / Login Info

The Chestnutwold  library is a vibrant, active, and welcoming literature and information media center.
Dear Students,
If you are in 1st - 5th grade, you have library every week for 45 minutes. As a class, you will check out books and return or renew books on this day.
If you are finished with a book before your next 45 minute class, you are always welcome to ask your teacher if you may come to the library on your own to make an exchange.
PLUS, you have another library class for 30 minutes every other week, either A week or B week. You will be learning computer coding and other STEAM activities during these classes.
If you are in kindergarten, you have a scheduled library class every other week for 30 minutes. 
Thank you! Mrs. Dambman  Questions;? dambman@havsd.net
        (Google Calendar includes Coding / STEAM class times) 
Kindergarten  * See A and B week dates listed below
KKaleck      AM  Wednesday     B Week   (Every Other Week - see dates listed below)
KKaleck      PM   Thursday        B Week   (Every Other Week)
KMerschel  AM   Wednesday     A Week  (Every Other Week)
KMerschel   PM   Wednesday    A Week  (Every Other Week)
KMirligriani   AM    Friday          A Wee  (Every Other Week)
First Grade
1Be      Thursday    
1Bi       Monday     
1L        Wednesday
1N        Friday 
1C         Friday  
Second Grade
2C             Tuesday      
2Ma          Wednesday    
2McC        Thursday  
2McK        Friday   
 Third Grade
3K     Thursday  
3T      Tuesday
3B     Wednesday
3R      Friday  
Fourth Grade  
4M     Monday  
4P      Wednesday   
4S      Thursday 
 Fifth Grade
5D      Friday   
5M     Wednesday
5O      Tuesday 
5P       Thursday 
 Last updated: 9/2/16  
Your Library Account Information 
Check your own library account by going to: http://www.haverfordsd.follettdestiny.com
Select Chestnutwold Elementary
Click on Login on the top right corner.
Your username is:  first initial  last name  last 2 digits of your student number (If you don't know your student number, ask in the library.)
Your password is:  your student number
Click on My Info tab to see what books you currently have checked out.
Make your own "Books I want to read" list. 1. Login   2. Click on Catalog on the top row and Resource Lists on the left side bar.   3. Make sure the My Lists tab on the top right is chosen.   4. Click Make a New List   5. Title the list Books I Want to Read   6. Look up books in the catalog. Click the box Add to This List.   7. When you go back to your resource list, these books will be in the list and you can remember what you wanted to read this year.   8. Have fun!
Contact Information
Mrs. Dambman  Phone: 610-853-5900  x8480      email: dambman@havsd.net

Book Exchanges
1st-5th grade students borrow two library materials at a time for their personal interest. These books need to be returned or brought into the library to be renewed every week. Additional books may be borrowed for book reports and assigned projects. If students in 1st-5th grades are finished with their books or magazines before their next scheduled class, they are always welcome to ask their teacher if they can come to the library on their own and exchange their books on any day.
Kindergarten students borrow one book at a time for their personal interest.
Responsibility for Resources
Students are responsible for the materials they have borrowed. Materials should be brought into the library to be returned or renewed on the scheduled library day. Students are expected to pay for any materials lost or severely damaged. There are no late fees.
Chestnutwold's school library supports the curriculum of our school district and the diverse reading interests of our students. Our mission is to develop a student-centered library media program that provides students with the ability to find, use, and evaluate information efficiently and effectively, thereby fostering life-long learning and to have a welcoming environment that creates a love of reading in all of our students.
*Kindergarten A and B Week Schedule
A Weeks: Sept. 6-9;  Sept. 19-23; Oct. 3-7;  Oct. 17-21
B Weeks: Sept. 12-16;  Sept. 26-30;  Oct. 10-14;  Oct. 24-28
Last updated: 8/24/16