• Mr. Feldgus' 3rd Grade Interviews

    The thirid graders in Mr. Feldgus' room learned interview techniques as part of a writing project. Students interview various staff and administrators at Manoa School then wrote a paper on their findings. Click to see some pictures.

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  • Dr. Reusche visited Manoa

    The School District of Haverford Township's new superintent visited Manoa School on Monday, May 11th. Click to see more pictures.

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  • Life Cycle of Butterflies

    Second grade students have been learning about the life cycle of butterflies in their science classes. A collection of Painted Lady caterpillars arrived several weeks ago. The students observed the caterpillars daily and were amazed to learn that the caterpillars shed their skin as they outgrew their exoskeleton. After the caterpillars formed a chrysalis the students waited for the butterflies to emerge. Click to see pictures of Mrs. Cirillo's class releasing their butterflies.

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  • Ms. Smith's Class visits the Federal School

    Miss Smith's 4th Grade class visited the Federal School and interpreted the year 1879. They learned what student's learned at school and got to write with nib pens. At recess, they got to play with old fashioned toys that students would play with during this time. This gave them a great look into history and what going to school at this time would have been like. Miss Smith's class had a great time! Click to see more pictures

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  • Math 24

    Congratulation to all fourth and fifth graders who participated in the Math 24 Tournament. Nicholas B. was the 4th grade winner. Ty V. was the 5th grade winner and the Manoa School Champion. Both Ty and Nick will participatein the Delaware County Tournament on June 3rd. Good luck to both Nick and Ty! Click to see more pictures.

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  •  picnic

    5th Grade Picnic

    The 5th grade picnic will be held on Thursday, June 11th. Please click the picture to get to the link for sign up genius.

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Board of School Directors

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    The School District of Haverford Township is governed by a nine-member school board. Each board member is elected to a four-year term of office and resides in the township. The board usually meets on the first and third Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM in the Board Room at Oakmont. The public is invited to attend all public meetings.
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Inside Manoa

  • Manoa Elementary School is one of five elementary schools in the SDHT. We offer instruction to students in grades kindergarten through fifth. The total school population is 664. We recognize that each child is a unique individual. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the whole child while encouraging all children to reach their fullest potential. Click here for more information on Manoa Elementary School.
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