Name: Keith Barnes
Grade(s): 9-12
Subject(s):  Technology Education - CAD
Homeroom Number: 12-10A

Mr Barnes has been teaching high school since 1984 where he started in Brisbane Australia.  He has a masters in Technology Education from Millersville University where he did both his under graduate studies and post grad work.  Mr Barnes also teaches at ITT and DCCC as an adjunct professor.  He has further plans to attend Eindhoven University to complete a Masters in Industrial Design (MID).  He has many interests that vary from photography to water polo.  He is also a professional drummer playing primarily brazilian, reggae, ska, irish  and south african music.  Mr Barnes is the father of three boys, enjoys the Philadelphia area very much and is a very accomplished traveler.  "Technology Education is a very special subject that has me learning all the time ...I would not change this and I enjoy this energy"